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The twenty-first century agricultural cooperative

The twenty-first century producer organization can be more than an advocate or marketing body. With modern information and communication technologies at their fingertips, such organizations can upgrade their skills as well as their operations, to…


Food-security risks must be comprehensively addressed

Recent food-price and economic shocks have further jeopardized the food security of developing countries and poor people, pushing the estimated number of undernourished people over one billion. Known and unknown food-security risks appear to be on the…


Respondiendo a la crisis alimentaria mundial: Tres perspectivas

El dramático aumento y la volatilidad de los precios de los alimentos durante el último año han sacudido al sistema alimentario mundial. Por lo general, tanto los gobiernos como la comunidad dedicada al desarrollo internacional han respondido ante…


Responding to the Global Food Crisis- Three perspectives

"The dramatic rise and volatility of food prices over the last year have shaken the global food system. Governments and the international development community generally have responded to various aspects of the food crisis, but questions remain about…


High global food prices-- The challenges and opportunities

High food prices are not only causing a humanitarian crisis, but also putting at risk the development potential of millions of people. Global agriculture markets are undergoing structural changes, and the next three to four years will pose great…


Responding to the world food crisis-- Getting on the Right Track

"Part of the difficulty in responding to the food crisis is the lack of credible and up-todate data on the impacts of food prices on poor people and on the effects of policy responses. Such information would allow international and national decision…