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América Central y el Caribe el Portal de Seguridad Alimentaria

El Portal de Seguridad Alimentaria para América Central y el Caribe (CAC) presenta información actual sobre agricultura, seguridad alimentaria y nutrición en América Central y el Caribe, describe los últimos avances en los sistemas alimentarios de la…


India food security portal

The India Food Security Portal presents current information about agriculture, food security, and nutrition in India and about dynamic developments in the region’s food system. It is facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute…


Global food security portal

The global Food Security Portal, facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), presents up-to-date data and information about dynamic developments in the world food system and increases policymakers’ ability to respond…


IFPRI Strategy 2016-2018: Capacity strengthening

This strategy document identifies the International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI’s) priority areas of capacity development for food and agricultural policy research, policy formulation, and implementation. It also identifies where IFPRI…


Food policy in a complex, changing world

Food policy—at global, regional, national, and local levels —operates in an increasingly complex world that is changing faster than ever. In the past several decades, many important food policy questions have been answered and challenges have been…

IFPRI food policy research for the EC - Female farmer with maize

IFPRI food policy research for the EC

2016 update highlights some of the key collaborations between IFPRI and the European Commission


IFPRI at a glance [in Arabic]

إنالم عهد الدولي لبحوث السياسات الغذائية على قناعة أنه، من خلال تضافر الجهود، يمكن أن ينجح المجتمع الدولي باستمرار في هزيمة الجوع وسوء التغذية. ومن خلال التعاون مع الممارسين في مجال التنمية، صناع السياسات، المنظمات غير الحكومية، والقطاع الخاص، يسهم…


India health report on nutrition: Synopsis

The report’s ultimate goal is to deepen and focus the policy dialogue in India, raise awareness about the multisectoral nature of undernutrition, highlight areas for action, especially at the state-level, and lead to actions that can accelerate…


Ghana Strategy Support Program 2015 Brochure

The Ghanaian economy grew at an average annual rate of roughly 8 percent between 2009 and 20141 amid rising fiscal and external imbalances. The country seems to be at a crossroads in its economic development. Despite having reached lower middle income…