Gissele Gajate Garrido

Research Fellow
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Gissele Gajate Garrido received her PhD in Economics from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on June 2010. She also holds a Masters in Economics from UCLA and graduated with honors from Universidad del Pacífico (Peru). She has worked for leading research centers (GRADE and IPA) and multiple government agencies in Peru. Her research interests are in development and health economics. Currently, her research focuses on the determinants and consequences of poor health in the developing world. She also investigates the mechanisms through which public interventions and environmental degradation impact child health and nutrition. She has most recently analyzed the impact of parental participation in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) on child and maternal health care practices in Ghana. In addition she is currently working on assessing the impact of conditional cash transfers on indigenous populations in Latin America. She has presented her work in several international conferences such as the Centre for the Study of African Economies conference, the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference and the Population Association of America Annual Meetings.


  • Graduate Division Award - UCLA (2007-2008) and (2010)
  • “Unión Vida” Excellence Award, (Peru) 2002
  • First place nationwide in the small research projects contest of the Economic and Social Research Consortium, (Peru) 2001
  • “Special Robert Maes Award” First place of academic achievement of the 2001 graduating class, Universidad del Pacífico, 2002
  • “Robert Maes Award” to Academic Achievement, Universidad del Pacífico, 2000
  • Jan Tinbergen Scholarship given by Nuffic, 2000
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