Siwa Msangi

Senior Research Fellow
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Siwa Msangi is a Senior Research Fellow in the Environment and Production Technology Division, and co-leads IFPRI's research theme 1, which focuses on the major socio-economic and bio-physical drivers affecting agricultural production and trade, and their impacts on nutrition, poverty and the environment. While a great deal of his current research activity focuses on the economic and environmental impacts of biofuels, Siwa has a broader research background in natural resource management -- especially that of surface and groundwater management policy. Siwa also has interests in quantitative dynamic economics and the application of dynamic game theory to the study of user behavior in natural resource settings.

A Tanzanian national, Siwa joined IFPRI in August 2004 as a post-doctoral fellow, after obtaining his degree in Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of California at Davis. He earned a Masters degree in International Development Policy at the Food Policy Research Institute at Stanford University, where he also received an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.

Complimentary One-Time Access to the article 'Consensus and contention in the food-versus-fuel debate' by Mark W. Rosegrant; and Siwa Msangi.