Having access to nutritious and safe food is critical for individuals to achieve their physical and cognitive potential, maintain their health, and ensure economic productivity. Since agriculture and health are intrinsically linked—food that nourishes can also sicken and kill—IFPRI focuses much of its health research on food safety and agriculture-associated diseases, and how they affect poor and vulnerable people. 

IFPRI’s research includes identifying innovative approaches to providing food safety in value chains, maintaining the safety of nutrient rich foods as they move along the value chain, and examining gender-related barriers and social barriers to participation in value chains. Using tools and metrics relevant to the agriculture, nutrition, and health sectors, IFPRI’s researchers evaluate the cost to smallholders of complying with increased food-safety requirements; clarify the role of public–private partnerships and cooperatives in ensuring the delivery of food that meets increased food-safety requirements; investigate health-care financing through social health insurance; and provide cost effective control strategies and decision tools with which policymakers can minimize food safety and disease risks.