WEAI Training Materials

WEAI Presentation

An updated version of the standard WEAI presentation (March 2013 version).

Presentation also available in Spanish

WEAI Instructional Guide

This instructional guide was written by researchers from IFPRI and OPHI to assist practitioners in implementing the Index. This report points out the most critical issues for consideration and good practices in the survey design, data collection, calculation, and analysis of the WEAI.

Recommended citation: Alkire, S., Malapit, H., Meinzen-Dick, R., Peterman, A., Quisumbing, A., Seymour, G. and A. Vaz. 2013. “Instructional Guide on the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index,” [link], accessed on [date].

Training Videos

  • Introduction on the WEAI

  • Webinar on the Feed the Future WEAI survey module and how to calculate its indicators
    This webinar session by Emily Hogue of USAID and Hazel Malapit of IFPRI discussed the purpose of the Index for Feed the Future, how it is used as monitoring indicator and a diagnostic tool, how the indicators are constructed using the WEAI survey questions, and gave important information about resources to help with data collection and analysis.

  • Calculating the WEAI – An Introduction
    This video presentation by Sabina Alkire of OPHI introduces the concept and methodology of the WEAI and explains how the index is calculated.

  • Calculating the WEAI using Stata .do files
    This step-by-step video presentation by Ana Vaz of OPHI takes users through the process of calculating the WEAI using Stata .do files.

  • WEAI Time Use Module Tutorial
    In this tutorial, Md. Zahidul Hassan of Data Analysis and Technical Assistance (DATA-Bangladesh) explains how the WEAI time use module is implemented and answers some commonly asked questions.

  • WEAI Learning Event
    Video of a workshop held November 21, 2013 at IFPRI in Washington DC.

Survey Instruments

Additional Resources from OPHI

Additional Resources from the WEAI Webinar (8/9/2012)

Abbreviated WEAI (A-WEAI)

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