Impacts of a ‘Food for Education’ Program in Bangladesh

August 16, 2007

Standing Panel on Impact Assessment: Science Council Brief Number 3

As part of the overall CGIAR 2005 annual performance measurement exercise, the Science Council received 30 individual case studies of Center impact. These were the best examples of impact assessments done by the Centers during 2003–2005. The Science Council’s Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) identified six of these as being particularly meritorious in terms of quality of analysis and presentation. In recognition of these studies as good examples of emerging ‘best practice’, SPIA has, with the relevant Center’s concurrence, prepared Science Council/SPIA Briefs on each. Publishing quality impact briefs responds to continued calls from donors to the CGIAR for more documented evidence of impacts to be made available in the form of such concise publications.

Download: (PDF 143K)