Live Webcast from "New Green Revolution" Symposium - University of Illinois

March 2, 2009

IFPRI Senior Research Fellow Claudia Ringler is presenting on “How to Ensure Sustainable Access to Water for Food in a World of Growing Scarcity” at the symposium “New Green Revolution? Meeting the Global Food and Energy Demands” taking place at the University of Illinois, March 4-6. The symposium is addressing current trends and shifts in global food and energy demands, the crisis over rising prices and access to food, the impact of global climate change on agriculture and access to water resources, the tension between biofuels vs. food demands, developments in agricultural research and their societal impact, and the role of agribusiness. Dr. Ringler’s presentation is covering such challenges as increasing inter-sectoral competition, degradation of water and land resources and the environment, growing water pollution, unsustainable groundwater use, water use for biofuel production, and climate change impacts on water for agriculture. A live webcast of the symposium is available here:

Note: Read the IFPRI report referenced by Keynote Speaker Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Linkages between Land Management, Land Degradation, and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Uganda