Institutional Relations

The Institutional Relations team serves as the liaison between IFPRI and external organizations, including donors, the CGIAR system, and relevant partners. The team also facilitates the Institute’s governance by supporting the activities of the Board of Trustees, IFPRI Directors, and the IFPRI-led CRPs, and develops the Institute’s annual performance indicators exercise and Annual Business Plan. The Team is responsible for the following:

  • Management of Donor Relations
  • Development of donor-targeted outcomes stories and blogs, and outcomes brochures
  • Development of due diligence reviews under IFPRI’s Private Sector Guidelines
  • Support to the Board of Trustees
  • Support to the IFPRI Directors
  • Facilitation of External Reviews requested by donors
  • Support to the Impact Assessment Unit
  • Support to the IFPRI-led Cgiar Research Programs (A4NH and PIM)
  • Development of IFPRI’s Performance Indicators
  • Development of Annual Business Plan
  • Support to the DG on CGIAR System matters

Contact: Stacy Roberts, Head, Institutional Relations and Secretary to the Board of Trustees