Dairy Value Chain for Nutrition Among Nomadic Populations

The objective of this project is to assess how health products can enhance the effectiveness of contractual relationships with small-scale and remote agriculture producers. The main rational is that value chain logistics of the type that visit producer households on a regular basis can be leveraged to provide access to preventive health care products in remote rural areas where public health services are mostly failing. This study focuses on the dairy value chain in northern Senegal, a region characterized by a large number of small-scale semi-nomadic producers in far remote areas where 75% children are considered anemic and where there is an important instability of the milk supply on a day-to-day basis. Specifically, the project aims:

  • To assess the effects of a fortified milk product on anemia levels among children 2-5 years old in remote rural areas with high anaemia prevalence,
  • To assess if the fortified product enhances the regularity of milk delivery by milk suppliers, and
  • To assess the heterogeneity of effects across households with various levels of involvement and control over milk delivery.