A 1998 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) For Thailand

social accounting matrices

The 1998 Social Accounting Matrix for Thailand has 60 sectors, 3 households, 3 factors, 2 enterprises, a government account and a rest-of-the-world account. There are 7 agricultural sectors, 19 manufacturing sectors, with the rest as service sectors. The agricultural sectors are: paddy rice, wheat, cereal grains, vegetables fruit nuts, oil seeds, sugar cane/sugar beet, plant-based fibers, crops, livestock, animal products, raw milk, wool silk-worm cocoons, forestry, and fishing. There are seven agricultural sectors, namely Paddy rice, other crops, vegetables and fruit, livestock, fishing, and forestry. The other sectors can be categorized into energy intensive manufacturing industries (15 total), other manufacturing industries (11 total), primary energy sectors (8 total), transportation sectors (5 total), and service sectors (15 total). For a description of the construction and use of this dataset, download the Trade and Macroeconomics Division Discussion Paper Number 95: