Harmonized Male/Female and Urban/Rural Subnational Expenditure, Poverty, and Inequality Indicators at 2011 PPP $1.90/day and $3.10/day for Africa South of the Sahara

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) HarvestChoice
country level data

It is crucial to stress that poverty distribution are not referred to 2011, but they are referred to the survey year, although they represent poverty headcount measured at an international comparative level, i.e. expressed in value of the same reference year, 2011. In this regard, cross-country poverty comparison should be viewed as comparisons for a given constant purchasing power of the local currency respect to the international benchmark, rather than for a given point in time. The PPP factor has a significant impact on the poverty measures obtained, and the recent release of the 2011 PPP numbers by the World Bank ICP program significantly changed the relative poverty among countries with respect to the estimates based on the 2005 PPP, although the overall trend of global poverty is confirmed (see Ferreira et al., 2015 and Jolliffe & Prydz, 2015 for a discussion of the importance of the PPP factor).