Prioritizing development policy research in Egypt: An innovative approach to inform IFPRI’s Egypt Strategy Support Program

Fatma Abdelaziz, Perrihan Al-Riffai, Clemens Breisinger, Paul A. Dorosh, Olivier Ecker, Hagar ElDidi, Hoda El-Enbaby, Jose Luis Figueroa, Laila Kenawy, Jef L. Leroy, Nicholas Minot, David J. Spielman, Jean-François Trinh Tan, Xiaobo Zhang
MENA RP Working Paper

This paper presents an innovative approach to prioritizing development policy research in Egypt with the specific objective of informing the research agenda of the Egypt Strategy Support Program of the International Food Policy Research Institute. The key steps in this process were: 1) a review of relevant priority setting methods and existing government strategies, 2) pre-selection of research themes, 3) selection of national and international experts, 4) design and conduct priority setting workshop; and 5) priority matrix construction and paper writing.