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Morocco, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM), 1994

This SAM is distinguished by an explicit separation of activities and households into rural and urban. It has a detailed treatment of aspects that are linked to the rural economy. Among the 45 activities, 38 are rural and 7 urban. Most rural sectors…


A 1993-94 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Bangladesh

The 1993-94 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Bangladesh distinguishes 10 agricultural sectors-including two different kinds of rice technology-and 19 manufacturing sectors, out of 43 sectors in total. It also differentiates between twelve…


Brazil, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM), 1995-1996-- Disaggregated Version

The aggregated and disaggregated Brazil Social Accounting Matrices for 1995-96 are primarily based on the 1995 Input-Output Table and National Accounts for Brazil, as well as the 1995-96 Agricultural Census. The disaggregated SAM has a total of 119…


A 1991 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) For Zimbabwe

This dataset is a 1991 social accounting matrix (SAM) for Zimbabwe. On the basis of recently generated national accounts data, an 88 by 88 matrix was created that includes 36 activities; 27 commodities; 9 factors of production (4 labor, 3 capital, and…