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Punjab Pol Promises Farm Loan Waiver

India’s Business Standard reported on a chief ministerial candidate in Punjab’s promise of farm debt waivers for drought-stricken Punjabi farmers, quoting PK Joshi for analysis. “Given that in the last two years there has been a drought in North…

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Economists Say Foreign Activity Benefits US Food Sector (NPR)

In a story for NPR's All Things Considered, Joe Glauber cautioned how dire and inaccurate warnings about the perils of trade can worry U.S. farmers who benefit from access to export markets. "They get concerned when they read reports that Mexico now…

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Q&A with IFPRI Board Member Marcos Jank (Devex)

In an interview with Devex, new IFPRI board member Marcos Jank spoke about how the development community can support agricultural-product exporting countries to address the growing challenge of protectionism.

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Farm sector projected to grow at 5% in Q4 (Business Standard)

In a report on higher-than expected economic growth in India's agriculture sector, the Business Standard quoted IFPRI South Asia Office Director PK Joshi for analysis. “I feel [the Central Statistics Office] might have been slightly cautious in…

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Combating India's Hidden Hunger (Hindustan Times)

"India’s performance in the recently released Global Hunger Index (GHI) report is tragic," writes the Hindustan Times in an analysis on hunger in India. The article cites the country's ranking in the Global Hunger Index and the 2014 report theme of…

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Nigeria Needs Federal-State Synergy to Tackle Food Security (

Overlapping responsibilities between Nigeria's federal and state government levels has led to poor coordination in public spending, according to a report of a lecture by IFPRI Senior Research Fellow Tewodaj Mogues. She acknowledged current efforts to…