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Trade and agriculture: Exploring the linkages

International agricultural trade has been a major headline recently, yet disagreement about the best way to conduct such trade remains widespread.

Two participants in the Tenth WTO Ministerial Conference - Day 5

10th WTO Ministerial Conference Aims to End Agricultural Export Subsidies

The following post by Sara Gustafson was originally published on the Food Security Portal. On December 19, the 159 members of the WTO concluded the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference with the signing of a new international trade agreement, the  Nairobi…

IFPRI Research Blog

Differential export taxes along the oilseeds value chain

Export taxes are a commonly enacted policy worldwide. Export taxes are often applied as a food security policy, as the main effect of these taxes is to decrease the domestic price of a good.


2015 World Soil Day: Celebrating an underappreciated resource

Think dirt doesn't matter? Think again. All life on this planet depends on soil to survive. This is just one of many facts Shahidur Rashid, a senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Institute, shared in a video to celebrate World Soil…


Bridging the gap between finance and agriculture

Agriculture and financial policies are closely linked. The economic situation of the world—and of each individual country—has a profound effect on agricultural policies, and agricultural policies, in turn, can affect a country’s economy. Thus, taking…


Worst famines vanish, but blocked humanitarian aid still a problem

Countries that have significantly lowered their hunger levels tend to have one thing in common. "When you look at results over time since 2000, it's clear that the countries that have really made inclusive economic growth a priority have made…

Agriculture for Nutrition and Health

Got milk?

The following blog story was originally posted on the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) blog. This month on the Gender-Nutrition Idea Exchange, IFPRI Research Fellows  Melissa Hidrobo, Tanguy Bernard, Rahul Rawat, …