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project paper

Cash crops and food security: Evidence from Ethiopian smallholder coffee producers

One of the key questions in food policy debates in the last decades has been the role of cash cropping for achieving food security in low income countries. We revisit this question in the context of smallholder coffee production in Ethiopia. Using unique data…


La recherche agricole en Afrique: Investir dans les futures récoltes: Synopsis

Depuis le passage au nouveau millénaire, l’Afrique au sud du Sahara (ASS) a connu une croissance économique sans précédent: dans la plupart des pays africains, les taux de pauvreté ont régulièrement diminué et les sources de revenus en zone rurale se sont…

discussion paper

Have Chinese firms become smaller? If so, why?

Normally as an economy develops, firm sizes increase. However, as measured by the employment rate, the firm size in China declined from 2004 to 2008. In this paper, we develop a structural dynamic model with heterogeneous workers to study the relative…