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Road to specialization in agricultural production

Many rural poor in developing countries live in areas far away from markets and isolation is a key limiting factor to their livelihood. In this paper, we use four waves of a primary panel household survey conducted in 17 remote natural villages in China to…

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A proximity-based measure of industrial clustering

An industrial cluster is a locality with a high concentration of firms in related businesses. Although relatedness and concentration are the two defining features of an industrial cluster, the commonly used measures of clustering often fail to simultaneously…

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The patterns of patents in China

journal article Zhuan Xie Xiaobo Zhang The patterns of patents in China The patterns of patents in China Innovations are a key driver of long-term economic growth. There has been an explosion of patent filings in China in the past three decades. But...

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Climate change and water

journal article Claudia Ringler Menaal Ebrahim Climate change and water What can economics tell us? Topics Climate Change Agriculture and Food Production Environment and Natural Resources Water Policy Markets

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Maize systems under climate change in sub-Saharan Africa

journal article Kindie Tesfaye Sika Gbebgelegbe Jill E. Cairns Bekele Shiferaw Boddupalli Prasanna Kai Sonder Kenneth J. Boote Dan Makumbi Richard D. Robertson Maize systems under climate change in sub-Saharan Africa Potential impacts on production and food...