Compact2025 Website

Compact2025 Website

Compact2025 will serve as a global knowledge and innovation hub to experiment, learn, and share evidence for pragmatic, action-oriented strategies.  Visit the Compact2025 Website

project paper

Market Access, Welfare, and Nutrition: Evidence from Ethiopia

We estimate the impact of improved market access on household well-being and nutrition using a quasi-experimental setting in Ethiopia. We find that households in remote areas consume substantially less than households nearer to markets, they are more food…

discussion paper

Cropping intensity gaps: The potential for expanded global harvest areas

To feed the world’s growing population, more food needs to be produced. In addition to cropland expansion, which faces a variety of constraints, increasing cropping intensity may provide a promising means of boosting global crop production. Yet information on…

journal article

Food consumption patterns and dietary diversity in eastern India

"The level of diversity in household diets is an indirect measure of diet quality and the extent to which nutritional needs of households are being met. There is also a positive relationship between dietary diversity and the three pillars of food security, viz…

journal article

Better drip than flood: Reaping the benefits of efficient irrigation

"By 2050, the global demand for land and water for agricultural use is projected to increase. Climate change is likely to affect agricultural production through increased temperatures as well as through altered precipitation patterns, which are likely to…