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Regional Office

Africa Region (AFR)

IFPRI has had a long history of engagement in Africa, and today it invests about 50 percent of its programmatic budget in work on the continent. To better meet research needs and achieve greater impact on the ground, IFPRI launched country project…

Mitchell Maher/IFPRI
IFPRI Division

Director General's Office (DGO)

The Director General’s Office (DGO) coordinates IFPRI operations and provides support to various institutional activities.

Two men in hut, one researcher with laptop.
IFPRI Division

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Division provides support to facilitate the execution of the Institute’s research agenda.

IFPRI Human Resources

Human Resources

Providing human resources expertise and services to all staff and fostering an effective and collaborative work environment to support IFPRI’s vision and mission. 

Honduran farmer checks his sorghum crop
Regional Office

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is the world’s leading net food exporting region as well as a key supplier of environmental public goods such as biodiversity and forests. The region therefore has critical roles to play in both global food…