Jemimah Njuki of ILRI discusses her research at TedX event, "Igniting Change"

Annual Report 2010

For IFPRI’s research to serve its purpose—that is, to inform the development of policies that will achieve food and nutrition security—the Institute must share its research with the people who can best use it. To that end, in 2010 IFPRI’s Communications Division executed—among numerous other projects—four major campaigns.

Climate change research has been pivotal in recent years, and the publication of the research monograph Food Security, Farming, and Climate Change to 2050 helped inform the discussion at the 2010 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Mexico. IFPRI’s climate change communications strategy also involved policy seminars, a press conference and briefing for journalists, social media publicity, and the creation of data visualization maps.

Rising food prices were also a hot topic in 2010, and IFPRI responded with research publications, including a policy brief (The Role of Emerging Countries in Global Food Security) and a food policy report (Halving Hunger), a policy seminar, a book (Reflections on the Global Food Crisis) that is also available in an interactive online format, and an expanded food prices section on the IFPRI website.

The fifth edition of the Global Hunger Index—which measures individual country hunger levels using three indicators—was produced, marketed, and distributed by IFPRI in collaboration with Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide in 2010; it garnered much media attention and received a Mercury Grand Award for excellence in professional communications. The 2010 Global Hunger Index report focuses on the importance of maternal and early childhood nutrition during the thousand-day window of opportunity from conception to the age of two.

Finally, IFPRI produced a series of research papers, a professional documentary film, and a website for the 2010 Bangladesh Food Security Investment Forum. The Forum was a successful, high-profile event facilitated by IFPRI that helped bring about IFPRI’s current Bangladesh Policy Research and Strategy Support Program.