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Aswan High Dam

The Water Energy Food Nexus

Global, basin and local case studies of resource use efficiency under growing natural resource scarcity


Water Futures

What is the challenge? Water scarcity is growing rapidly and water quality continues to decline. In 2010, 36 percent of the global population, 39 percent of the world’s grain production and 22 percent of global GDP were at risk due to water stress.…


Water quality for agriculture and economic growth

What is the challenge? Water quality is increasingly constraining developing country agriculture and economic growth through adverse impacts on water availability for urban-industrial growth and negative impacts on agricultural productivity. However,…



Women's Empowerment in Agriculture The “Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index” (WEAI), launched by IFPRI, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), and USAID's Feed the Future in February 2012, is the first comprehensive and…


Women and Climate

Enhancing Women’s Assets to Manage Risk under Climate Change: Potential for Group-Based Approaches The project explores ways to contribute to poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (especially Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mali)…


Women Improving Nutrition through Group-based Strategies (WINGS)

Women Improving Nutrition through Group-based Strategies (WINGS) is a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded umbrella project in India to be carried out in 2015-2019. WINGS aims to build the evidence base on the pathways through which Self Help Groups…