2014 Global hunger index by severity

Klaus von Grebmer, Amy Saltzman, Ekin Birol, Doris Wiesmann, Nilam Prasai, Sandra Yin, Yisehac Yohannes, Purnima Menon, Jennifer Thompson, Andrea Sonntag
global hunger index

Map and graph of 2014 GHI scores by country.

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is based on three equally weighted indicators:

  • Undernourishment: the proportion of undernourished people as a percentage of the population (reflecting the share of the population with insufficient caloric intake);
  • Child underweight: the proportion of children younger than age five who are underweight (that is, have low weight for their age, reflecting wasting, stunted growth, or both), which is one indicator of child undernutrition; and
  • Child mortality: the mortality rate of children younger than age five (partially reflecting the fatal synergy of inadequate food intake and unhealthy environments).