2020 Focus briefs on the world's poor and hungry people

1.The Changing Profile of Poverty in the World/Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion.
2.Characteristics and Causes of Severe Poverty and Hunger/Akhter U. Ahmed, Ruth Vargas Hill, Lisa C. Smith, and Tim Frankenberger.
3.The Poorest and Hungry: Looking Below the Line/Akhter U. Ahmed, Ruth Vargas Hill, and Doris M. Wiesmann.
4.Mapping Where the Poor Live/Todd Benson, Michael Epprecht, and Nicholas Minot
5.Child Malnutrition in India and China/Peter Svedberg.
6.Poverty and the Globalization of the Food and Agriculture System/Joachim von Braun and Tewodaj Mengistu.
7.Poverty Traps: Exploring the Complexity of Causation/Partha Dasgupta
8.Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction: Do Poor Countries Need to Worry about Inequality?/Martin Ravallion.
9.Determinants of Pro-Poor Growth/Stephan Klasen.
10.Global Macroeconomic Development: The Implications for Poverty/Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
11. Fiscal Policy Instruments and the Political Economy of Designing Programs to Reach the Poorest/Ehtisham Ahmad
12. The Macroeconomic Foundations of Inclusive Middle-Class Growth/Nancy Birdsall
13.Economic Reform to Stimulate Growth and Reduce Poverty: The Latin American Experience/Alberto Valdés and William Foster.
14. Poverty, Inequality, and Welfare in a Rapid-Growth Economy: The Chilean Experience/Dante Contreras
15.International Migration: Can It Improve Living Standards among Poor and Vulnerable Populations?/Alan de Brauw.
16.Growth-promoting Social Safety Nets/Harold Alderman and John Hoddinott.
17.Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: A “Magic Bullet” for Reducing Poverty?/Michelle Adato and John Hoddinott.
18. How Effective are Food-for-Education Programs?/Sarah Adelman, Daniel O. Gilligan, and Kim Lehrer
19. Health Care for the World’s Poorest: Is Voluntary (Private) Health Insurance an Option?/Jacques van der Gaag
20. Designing Insurance For The Poor/Stefan Dercon
21.Social Security: What Can Developing Countries Learn from Developed Countries?/Jean-Jacques Dethier.
22. Building Capacity to Increase Agricultural Productivity and Incomes of Poor Small-scale Farmers/Kwadwo Asenso-Okyere.
23.Property Rights for Poverty Reduction/Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Patricia Kameri-Mbote, and Helen Markelova.
24.Developing and Connecting Markets for Poor Farmers/Nicholas Minot and Ruth Vargas Hill.
25.Climate Change: Pro-Poor Adaptation, Risk Management, and Mitigation Strategies/Gary Yohe, Ian Burton, Saleemul Huq, and Mark W. Rosegrant.
26.Strengthening Women’s Assets and Status: Programs Improving Poor Women’s Lives/John Ambler, Lauren Pandolfelli, Anna Kramer, and Ruth Meinzen-Dick
27.Addressing Discrimination and Inequality Among Groups/Frances Stewart
28.Including People with Disabilities in Actions to Reduce Poverty and Hunger/Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo
29.Policies and Lessons for Reaching Indigenous Peoples in Development Programs/Lennart Bage
30. Trade Liberalization and Children: Understanding and Coping with Children’s Vulnerabilities/Javier Escobal
31.Facing Up to Inequality and Exclusion to End Poverty and Hunger in Latin America/Marco Ferroni
32. Economic Exclusion and Poverty in Asia: The Example of Castes in India/Sukhadeo Thorat
33. Choosing Policy Instruments to Reduce Poverty and Hunger: Is It Possible to Overcome the Feasibility Dilemma?/Regina Birner
34.Scaling Up: A Path to Effective Development/Arntraud Hartmann and Johannes F. Linn
35. Improving Governance to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty/Regina Birner
36.The Dynamics of Poverty: Why Don’t “The Poor” Act Collectively?/Anirudh Krishna.
37.Land Issues and Poverty Reduction: Requirements for Lasting Peace in Sudan and Afghanistan/Gunnar M. Sørbø and Arne Strand.
38.Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Developing Capacity to Reduce Poverty and Hunger/Suresh Babu and Per Pinstrup-Andersen
39.The Millennium Development Goals: How Realistic Are They?/Michiel Keyzer and Lia van Wesenbeeck.
40.Investment Priorities for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction/Shenggen Fan, Joanna Brzeska, and Ghada Shields
41.How to Mobilize Public Resources to Support Poverty Reduction/Shenggen Fan, Anuja Saurkar, and Ghada Shields

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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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Special Edition
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