Agricultural commercialization, economic development, and nutrition

JOACHIM VON BRAUN / Introduction and Overview. 3; JOACHIM VON BRAUN, HOWARTH BOUIS, AND EILEEN KENNEDY / Conceptual Framework. 11; JOACHIM VON BRAUN / Production, Employment, and Income Effects of Commercialization of Agriculture. 37 ; HOWARTH BOUIS / Consumption Effects of Commercialization of Agriculture. 65; EILEEN KENNEDY / Health and Nutrition Effects of Commercialization of Agriculture. 79; NURUL ISLAM / Commercialization of Agriculture and Food Security: Development Strategy and Trade Policy Issues. 103; TONG ZHONG, SCOTT ROZELLE, BRUCE STONE, JIANG DEHUA, CHEN JIYUAN, AND XUZ HIKANG. / China’s Experience with Market Reform for Commercialization of Agriculture in Poor Areas. 119 ; RAISUDDIN AHMED / Investment in Rural Infrastructure: Critical for Commercialization in Bangladesh. 141; JOHN C. ABBOTT/ Agricultural Processing Enterprises: Development Potentials and Links to the Smallholder. 153 ; DAVID GLOVER / Contract Farming and Commercialization of Agriculture in Developing Countries. 166 ; TOSHIHIKO KAWAGOE / Income and Employment Generation from Agricultural Processing and Marketing at the Village Level: A Study in Upland Java, Indonesia. 176 ; JOACHIM VON BRAUN AND MAARTEN D.C. IMMINK / Nontraditional Vegetable Crops and Food Security among Smallholder Farmers in Guatemala. 189 ; HOWARTH BOUIS AND LAWRENCE J. HADDAD / The Nutrition Effects of Sugarcane Cropping in a Southern Philippine Province. 204 ; JOHN R. McCOMB, M. P. FINLAYSON, J. BRIAN HARDAKER, AND PETER F. HEYWOOD / The Effect of a Short-Lived Plantation on Income, Consumption, and Nutrition: An Example from Papua New Guinea. 218 ; HAROLD ALDERMAN / Why Should It Matter What Commodity Is the Source of Agricultural Profits? Dairy Development in India. 239 ; EILEEN KENNEDY / Effects of Sugarcane Production in Southwestern Kenya on Income and Nutrition. 252 ; RUDO NffiMEUER AND JAN HOORWEG / Commercialization of Rice and Nutrition: A Case from West Kenya. 264 ; JORGEN BLANKEN, JOACHIM VON BRAUN, AND HARTWIG DE HAEN / The Triple Role of Potatoes as a Source of Cash, Food, and Employment: Effects on Nutritional Improvement in Rwanda. 276 ; SHUBH K. KUMAR AND CATHERINE SIANDWAZI / Maize in Zambia: Effects of Technological Change on Food Consumption and Nutrition. 295 ; PAULINE E. PETERS AND M. GUILLERMO HERRERA / Tobacco Cultivation, Food Production, and Nutrition among Smallholders in Malawi. 309 ; FRIEDERIKE BELLIN / Smallholder Tree Crops in Sierra Leone: Impacts on Food Consumption and Nutrition. 328 ; JOACHIM VON BRAUN, KEN B. JOHM, AND DETLEV PUETZ / Nutritional Effects of Commercialization of a Woman’s Crop: Irrigated Rice in The Gambia. 343 ; JOACHIM VON BRAUN AND EILEEN KENNEDY / Conclusions for Agricultural Commercialization Policy. 365

von Braun, Joachim, ed.
Kennedy, Eileen T., ed.
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Published for the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) by Johns Hopkins University Press
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