Assessing the potential economic impact of genetically modified crops in Ghana

Insect-resistant garden egg

In many countries, economic considerations are an important factor in government decision making on the introduction of genetically modified (GM) products. However, reliable information on their actual or likely economic impact is often lacking. This brief illustrates the use of a methodological framework to assess the potential economic impact of introducing GM varieties of tomato, cabbage, garden egg, and cassava in Ghana.The framework consists of four interrelated levels of analysis, corresponding to four sets of actors in the economy: (1) farm (smallholder producers); (2) market (processors, traders); (3) the pertinent industry or sector of the national economy (consumers and producers, linked by markets); and (4) international trade.

Horna, Daniela
Smale, Melinda
Falck-Zepeda, Jose
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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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