Biofortification Priority Index

A global strategy tool for investing in crop biofortification


Biofortification is a strategy that seeks to reduce human micronutrient deficiencies—vitamin A, zinc, or iron— by developing and disseminating food crops that contain high levels of micronutrients. HarvestPlus ( leads the global biofortification effort and works with many partners. As more evidence on the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of biofortification becomes available, stakeholders—including international NGOs and multilateral donor agencies—are increasingly interested in investing in biofortification. HarvestPlus developed the Biofortification Priority Index (BPI) to help stakeholders assess for which crop and in which country their investments will have the greatest impact in reducing micronutrient deficiencies. The BPI ranks seven staple crops according to their suitability for biofortification investment in 127 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Latin America and Caribbean region. The seven micronutrient-rich crops are: iron beans, iron pearl millet, vitamin A cassava, vitamin A maize, vitamin A sweet potato, zinc rice, and zinc wheat.