Biotechnology and genetic resource policies

Philip G. Pardey, ed., Bonwoo Koo, ed.
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Contents- List of Briefs: 1. Policy, National Regulation, and International Standards for GM Foods. / Peter W. B. Phillips; 2. Biotechnology, Trade, and Hunger. / Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla and Sherman Robinson; 3. Intellectual Property and Developing Countries: Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Biotechnology. / Philip G. Pardey, Brian D. Wright, Carol Nottenburg, Eran Binenbaum, and Patricia Zambrano; 4. Accessing Other People’s Technology. / Carol Nottenburg, Philip G. Pardey, and Brian D. Wright; 5. Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights: Developing Countries, Agricultural Biotechnology, and the TRIPs Agreement. / Konstantinos Giannakas; 6. Conserving Genetic Resources for Agriculture: Counting the Cost. / Bonwoo Koo, Philip G. Pardey, and Brian D. Wright