Capacity for designing and implementing agricultural and rural development policies and strategies

The Agricultural Policy Support Facility (APSF) is an initiative to strengthen evidence-based policymaking in Nigeria in the areas of rural and agricultural development. Facilitated by the Nigeria Strategy Support Program of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in collaboration with the Federal Mini stry of Agriculture and Water Resources and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency, APSF supports the implementation of Nigeria’s national development plans by strengthening agricultural-sector policies and strategies through: Enhanced knowledge, information, data, and tools for the analysis, design, and implementation of pro-poor, gender-sensitive, and environmentally sustainable agricultural and rural development polices and strategies in Nigeria; Strengthened capacity for government agencies, research institutions, and other stakeholders to carry out and use applied research that directly informs agricultural and rural polices and strategies; and Improved communication linkages and consultations between policymakers, policy analysts, and policy beneficiaries on agricultural and rural development policy issues.

The Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) Workshop Reports contain a summary of the workshop and the key discussion points raised by the participants. The reports have not been subject to a formal peer review. They are circulated in order to share discussion points and outputs of the respective workshop. The opinions stated are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of their home institutions or supporting organizations.

Adebayo, Kolawole
Rhoe, Valerie
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Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP)
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