Case study -- supermarkets and quality and safety standards for produce in Latin America

food safety in food security and food trade

Food safety standards that developed countries impose on developing-country exports have sometimes created a barrier to market access. But in Latin America today, the standards set by supermarkets in the region affect local producers far more than do those imposed by developed countries. Latin American farmers sell 2.5 times more to supermarkets within their own countries than they export to the rest of the world. Drawing on case studies from several Latin American countries, this brief focuses on how supermarkets in the region have gone about imposing quality and safety standards on producers of fresh fruits and vegetables for the domestic market.

Berdegué, Julio A.
Balsovich, Fernando
Flores, Luis
Mainville, Denise
Reardon, Thomas Anthony
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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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