Collective action and property rights for sustainable development

  1. Overview
    Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Monica Di Gregorio;
  2. Understanding Collective Action
    Elinor Ostrom;
  3. Understanding Property Rights
    Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Rajendra Pradhan, and Monica Di Gregorio;
  4. Local-Level Public Goods and Collective Action
    Nancy McCarthy;
  5. Property Rights, Collective Action, and Agroforestry
    Frank Place, Keijiro Otsuka, and Sara Scherr;
  6. Irrigation, Collective Action, and Property Rights
    Douglas L.Vermillion;
  7. Collective Action and Property Rights in Fisheries Management
    Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, K. Kuperan Viswanathan, and R.A.Valmonte-Santos;
  8. Collaborative Management of Forests
    Eva Wollenberg, Bruce Campbell, Sheona Shackleton, David Edmunds, and Patricia Shanley;
  9. Institutional Options for Managing Rangelands
    Tidiane Ngaido and Nancy McCarthy;
  10. Property Rights, Collective Action, and Plant Genetic Resources
    Pablo Eyzaguirre, Nancy McCarthy, Monica Di Gregorio, and Evan Dennis;
  11. Collective Action in Pest Management
    Helle Munk Ravnborg;
  12. Property Rights and Collective Action in Watersheds
    Brent Swallow, Nancy Johnson, Anna Knox, and Ruth Meinzen-Dick;
  13. Property Rights, Collective Action, and Agribusiness
    Nancy Johnson and Julio A. Berdegué;
  14. Farmer Research and Extension
    Anna Knox and Nina Lilja;
  15. Strengthening Collective Action
    Bryan Bruns and Pakping Chalad Bruns;
  16. Strengthening Property Rights for the Poor
    John W. Bruce
Meinzen-Dick, Ruth Suseela, ed.
Di Gregorio, Monica, ed.
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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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