Consumer acceptance of provitamin A orange maize in rural Zambia

This study analyzes consumer acceptance of biofortified orange maize in rural Zambia by eliciting consumers’ willingness to pay. It attempts to examine the impact of nutrition information, comparing the use of simulated radio versus community leaders in transmitting the nutrition message, on consumer acceptance. Finally, it assesses whether product experience in a home-use setting influences the magnitude of premiums or discounts. The results suggest that (a) the negative perception of yellow maize does not affect orange maize which is well liked, (b) there is a premium for orange maize with nutrition information, (c) the mode of nutritional-message dissemination does not have a large impact on consumer acceptance, and (d) product experience does not translate into lower willingness to pay for orange maize.

Meenakshi, J. V.
Banerji, A.
Manyong, Victor
Tomlins, Keith
Hamukwala, Priscilla
Zulu, Rodah
Mungoma, Catherine
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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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