Ending hunger in our lifetime

Ending hunger in our lifetime

food security and globalization

C. Ford Runge, Benjamin Senauer, Philip G. Pardey, Mark W. Rosegrant

At a time in history when conflict erupts daily in far-flung corners of the world, ending severe deprivation may be critical to global peace and stability. Yet we are far from reaching the goal of reducing hunger by 2025. The authors of this book bring good news: hunger can be banished in our lifetime. They first distill what is already known about fighting hunger and then report on important new research findings and projections that show it can be done, through new and renewed institutions, scientific innovation, global economics and investment, and sustainable environmental practices. Although the book encompasses a wide array of ideas, arguments, facts, and figures, it is not a dry, academic text. Anyone wanting a better understanding of poverty and hunger and how to end it will benefit from reading it.

Hunger in a Prosperous World
Ending Hunger Sustainably
Science and Food Security
Hunger and Institutional Change

Policies and Institutions
Investing for a Hunger-free World

The Methodology Used for Hunger Projections
International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural
Commodities and Trade(IMPACT) — Model Description
Organizations Striving to End Hunger