An evaluation of the program on enhancing resilience to natural disasters and the effects of climate change in Bangladesh

Ricardo Hernandez, Akhter U. Ahmed, Arifeen Akter, Nusrat Zaitun Hossain, Samira Choudhury, Mehrab Malek

The overall objective of the ER+ component is to assist ultra-poor women and their families in disaster-prone areas of Bangladesh in lifting themselves above the lower poverty line toward greater food security. To achieve the objective, a third “promotional” year has been introduced to ER, during which women—either ER laborers/trainees themselves or the wives, daughters, mothers, or sisters of male ER laborers/trainees—receive a substantive cash grant to invest in a productive asset or income-generating activity in combination with relevant business-related training, a one-year monthly cash allowance, and intensive follow-up support. The resulting model therefore combines the pre-existing “protective” elements (employment generation and community asset development) with “promotional” elements for a more viable pathway out of extreme poverty and toward food security