The Green Revolution reconsidered

The Green Revolution reconsidered

the impact of high-yielding rice varieties in South India

Peter B. R. Hazell, C. Ramasamy, P. K. Aiyasamy

Agricultural growth is essential for fostering economic development and feeding growing populations in most developing countries. As land and water become increasingly scarce, this growth will depend more and more on yield-increasing technological changes of the green revolution type. A major concern is how these technologies will affect the poor. If the poor are left behind and rural inequalities worsen, agricultural growth may fail to achieve its intended objectives.

Peter Hazell and C. Ramasamy, along with several associates find that landless laborers and small-scale farmers gained proportionally as much as large-scale farmers. Despite initial lags in adoption of these varieties by small-scale farmers, virtually all farmers eventually adopted them and significantly increased their productivity.

1 Introduction Peter B. R. Hazell and C. Ramasamy  
2 North Arcot and the Green Revolution C. Ramasamy, Peter B. R. Hazell, and P. K. Aiyasamy 11
3 Economic Changes among Village Households Peter B. R. Hazell, C. Ramasamy, V. Rajagopalan, P. K. Aiyasamy, and Neat Bliven 29
4 The Green Revolution in North Arcot: Economic Trends, Household Mobility, and the Politics of an "Awkward Class" John Harriss 57
5 The Impact of Technological Change in Rice Production on Food Consumption and Nutrition Per Pinstrup-Andersen and Mauricio Jaramillo 85
6 Population, Employment, and Wages: A Comparative Study of North Arcot Villages, 1973-1983 John Harriss
7 A Social Accounting Matrix of the Regional Economy, 1982/83 Peter B. R. Hazell, C. Ramasamy, V. Rajagopalan, and Ned Bliven 127
8 An Analysis of the Indirect Effects of Agricultural Growth on the Regional Economy Peter B. R. Hazell, C. Ramasamy, and V. Rajagopalan 153
9 The Arni Studies: Changes in the Private Sector of a Market Town, 1973-1983 Barbara Harriss 181
10 Changes in the Provision and Use of Services in the North Arcot Region Sudhir Wanmali 213
11 Conclusions and Policy Implications Peter B. R. Hazell and C. Ramasamy 238