Introduction [In A thriving agricultural sector in a changing climate: Meeting Malabo Declaration goals through climate-smart agriculture]

Alessandro De Pinto, John M. Ulimwengu
resakss annual trends and outlook report

Climate change is a significant and growing threat to food security already affecting vulnerable populations in many developing countries and expected to affect more people, more areas, and more farmers in the future. Climate disruptions to agricultural production have increased over the past 40 years and are projected to become more frequent over the next 25 years (Hatfield et al. 2014, Hatfield and Pruege 2015). Farmers in many agricultural regions already appear to have experienced declines in crop and livestock production because of climate change–induced stress (Lobell and Field 2007; Lobell, Schlenker, and Costa-Roberts 2011). Although climate change is expected to produce both winners and losers, on balance, losses in productivity in many regions.