Land rights for African development

from knowledge to action

Esther Mwangi, ed.

CONTENTS: Introduction / Esther Mwangi and Eric Patrick; Land Tenure, Land Reform, and the Management of Land and Natural Resources in Africa / Joan Kagwanja; Legal Dualism and Land Policy in Eastern and Southern Africa / Martin Adams and Stephen Turner; Legal Pluralism as a Policy Option: Is it Desirable? Is it Doable? / Patrick McAuslan; Gender Issues in Land Tenure under Customary Law / Patricia Kameri-Mbote; Innovations in Land Tenure, Reform and Administration in Africa / Clarissa Augustinus and Klaus Deininger; The Commons and Customary Law in Modern Times: Rethinking the Orthodoxies / Liz Alden Wily; Biting the Bullet: How to Secure Access to Drylands Resources for Multiple Users / Esther Mwangi and Stephan Dohrn; Decentralization: An Enabling Policy for Local Land Management / Hubert M.G. Ouedraogo; Will Formalizing Property Rights Reduce Poverty in South Africa's "Second Economy"? Questioning Mythologies of Hernando de Soto / Ben Cousins, Tessa Cousins, Donna Hornby, Rosalie Kingwill, Lauren Royston, and Warren Smit; Getting the Process Right: The Experience of the Uganda Land Alliance in Uganda / Oscar Okech K. and Harriet Busingye; Getting Agreement on Land Tenure Reform: The Case of Zambia / Joseph Mbinji; The Land Policy Process in Burkina Faso: Building a National Consensus / Hubert M.G. Ouedraogo.