Mathematical programming for economic analysis in agriculture

P. B. R. Hazell, Roger D. Norton


  • Front Cover and Copyright Information (PDF 173K)
  • Table of Contents (PDF 119K)
  • Foreword and Acknowledgments (PDF 111K)
  • Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 193K)

Part 1 - The Farm Model

  • Chapter 2: Mathematical Programming and the Farm Model (PDF 630K)
  • Chapter 3: Techniques of Modeling the Farm (PDF 580K)
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Techniques of Modeling the Farm (PDF 567K)
  • Chapter 5: Risk in the Farm Model (PDF 845K)
  • Chapter 6: Solving the Model on a Computer (PDF 466K)

Part 2 - The Sector Model

  • Chapter 7: The Economic Structure of the Sector Model (PDF 877K)
  • Chapter 8: Modeling Market Equilibrium (PDF 636K)
  • Chapter 9: Modeling Market Equilibrium: Extensions (PDF 771K)
  • Chapter 10: Risk in the Sector Model (PDF 555K)
  • Chapter 11: Construction and Validation of Sector Models (PDF 1.4M)

Part 3 - Applications and Extensions for Policy Analysis

  • Chapter 12: Methods of Policy Analysis (PDF 1.4M)
  • Chapter 13: Applied Studies of the Role of Risk(PDF 1.2M)
  • Appendix: The Theory of Linear Programming (PDF 559K)
  • Bibliography (PDF 357K)
  • Index (PDF 361K)
  • Back Cover (PDF 145K)