The role of CGIAR in agricultural research for development in Africa South of the Sahara

Harold Roy-Macauley, Anne-Marie Izac, Frank Rijsberman

This chapter reviews CGIAR’s involvement in agricultural research for development (AR4D) in Africa throughout the four decades of its existence, analyzing its capacity to respond to the region’s development challenges. The discussion covers recent CGIAR reform, including potential processes for aligning with African research and development (R&D) to ensure that international public goods make a positive contribution to national development challenges. The chapter further discusses opportunities for CGIAR to strengthen learning mechanisms and develop evolutionary approaches by creating partnerships between CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) and institutional structures involved in the implementation of national and regional agricultural investment programs. The role and importance of subregional organizations (SROs) in Africa, mandated by regional economic policy institutions, in facilitating this process is also discussed.