Tenure security and demand for land tenure regularization in Nigeria: Empirical evidence from Ondo and Kano states

Hosaena H. Ghebru, Hyacinth Edeh, Daniel Ali, Klaus Deininger, Austen Okumo, Sileshi Woldeyohannes
nssp working paper

The objectives of the research described in this report are to: provide general field information on physical, social, and institutional conditions in the pilot areas Kano and Ondo states that can be used to assess existing land tenure policy in Nigeria; assess the differentiated effect of existing land laws and practices on men and women in terms of access to, control over, and distribution of land by collecting gender-disaggregated data; contribute to better understanding of the magnitude, scope, and severity of tenure insecurity in the context of existing land laws and land policies; assess the efficiency of land-administration related service delivery by the public sector (e.g., dispute resolu-tion mechanisms).