Understanding the links between agriculture and health

Corinna Hawkes, ed., Marie T. Ruel, ed.
2020 vision focus

CONTENTS: 1.Overview / Corinna Hawkes and Marie T. Ruel; 2. Agriculture, Food, and Health: Perspectives on a Long Relationship / Tim Lang; 3. Agricultural Technology and Health / Michael Lipton, Saurabh Sinha, and Rachel Blackman; 4. Agriculture and Nutrition Linkages: Old Lessons and New Paradigms / Corinna Hawkes and Marie T. Ruel; 5. Agriculture, Food Safety, and Foodborne Diseases / Ewen C. D. Todd and Clare Narrod; 6. Agriculture, Malaria, and Water-Associated Diseases / Clifford M. Mutero, Matthew McCartney, and Eline Boelee; 7. Agriculture and HIV/AIDS / Stuart Gillespie; 8. Occupational Health Hazards of Agriculture / Donald Cole; 9. Livestock and Health / Maria Angeles O. Catelo; 10. Fish and Health / Nanna Roos, Md. Abdul Wahab, Chhoun Chamnan, and Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted; 11. Agroforesty, Nutrition, and Health / Brent Swallow and Sophie Ochola; 12. Agrobiodiversity, Nutrition, and Health / Timothy Johns, Ifeyironwa Francisca Smith, and Pablo B. Eyzaguirre; 13. Urban Agriculture and Health / Diana Lee-Smith and Gordon Prain; 14. Agriculture, Environment, and Health: Toward Sustainable Solutions / Rachel Nugent and Axel Drescher; 15. Agriculture and Health in the Policymaking Process / Todd Benson; 16. Opportunities for Improving the Synergies between Agriculture and Health / Robert Bos.