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Valuing air quality using happiness data: The case of China Xin Zhang Xiaobo Zhang Xi Chen
Existing data to measure African trade Cristina Mitaritonna Fousseini Traoré
Availability, production, and consumption of crops biofortified by plant breeding: Current evidence and future potential Amy Saltzman Ekin Birol Adewale Oparinde Meike S. Andersson Dorene Asare-Marfo Michael T. Diressie Carolina González Keith Lividini Mourad Moursi Manfred Zeller
Agriculture, food systems, and nutrition: Meeting the challenge Stuart Gillespie Mara van den Bold
The impacts of cash transfers on women’s empowerment: Learning from Pakistan’s BISP program Kate Ambler Alan de Brauw
Question of land, livelihood, and development: Tribal resettlement and development mission, Kerala Kurian George Amrutha Jose Pampackal
He says, she says: Exploring patterns of spousal agreement in Bangladesh Kate Ambler Cheryl Doss Caitlin Kieran Simone Passarelli
Forced gifts: The burden of being a friend Erwin Bulte Ruixin Wang Xiaobo Zhang
2017 Global food policy report: Synopsis International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Misreporting month of birth: Implications for nutrition research Anna Folke Larsen Derek D. Headey William A. Masters