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Acceptability of multiple micronutrient powders and iron syrup in Bihar, India Melissa F. Young Amy Webb Girard Rushkan Mehta Sridhar Srikantiah Lucas Gosdin Purnima Menon Usha Ramakrishnan Reynaldo Martorell Rasmi Avula
Context matters: Insights from two randomized evaluations of behavior change interventions on factors influencing infant and young child feeding practices in Bangladesh and Vietnam Purnima Menon Phuong H. Nguyen Sunny Kim Lan M. Tran Edward A. Frongillo Marie T. Ruel Rahul Rawat
The tide that does not raise all boats: An assessment of EU preferential trade policies Maria Cipollina David Laborde Debucquet Luca Salvatici
Variable returns to fertilizer use and its relationship to poverty: Experimental and simulation evidence from Malawi Aurelie Harou Yanyan Liu Christopher Barrett Liangzhi You
The Evolution of Food as Social Assistance: An Overview Harold Alderman Ugo Gentilini Ruslan Yemtsov
Determining a Global Mid-Upper Arm Circumference Cutoff to Assess Underweight in Adults (Men and Nonpregnant Women) Alice M. Tang Mei Chung Kimberly Dong Christine Wanke Paluku Bahwere Kaushik Bose Raja Chakraborty Karen Charlton Steven Hong Phuong H. Nguyen Cecilie B. Patsche Megan Deitchler Zeina Maalouf-Manasseh
Reducing malnutrition through education actions Harold Alderman
South Africa: Agricultural R&D Indicators Factsheet Nienke M. Beintema Lang Gao Petronella Chaminuka
Climate Change, Gender, and Nutrition Support to USAID Programs in Nigeria Timothy S. Thomas Elizabeth Bryan Jowel Choufani Carlo Azzarri Prapti Bhandary Moffatt Ngugi Robert Buzzard
Climate change, gender, and nutrition linkages research priorities in Cambodia Claudia Ringler Timothy S. Thomas Jowel Choufani Sophie Theis Elizabeth Bryan Prapti Bhandary Mark Visocky Jeannie Harvey Meredith Soule