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Seven African countries show how the battle against malnutrition can be won Sheryl L. Hendriks Katrin Glatzel Ousmane Badiane
Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: What have we learned and where do we go from here? Marie T. Ruel Agnes R. Quisumbing Mysbah Balagamwala
West African Agriculture for jobs, nutrition, growth, and climate resilience Keith D. Wiebe Gert-Jan Stads Nienke M. Beintema Karen Brooks Nicola Cenacchi Shahnila Dunston Daniel Mason-D’Croz Timothy B. Sulser Timothy S. Thomas
US farm policy and trade: The inconsistency continues Joseph W. Glauber Daniel A. Sumner
Adapting to climate change: scenario analysis of grain production in China Shudong Zhou Wenkui Zhou Guanghua Lin Jing Chen Tong Jiang Man Li
Social protection, food security, and asset formation Melissa Hidrobo John F. Hoddinott Neha Kumar Meghan Olivier
Synopsis: Constraints for small-scale private irrigation systems in the North Central zone of Nigeria Hiroyuki Takeshima Hyacinth Edeh
The effects of widespread adoption of climate-smart agriculture in Africa south of the Sahara under changing climate regimes Alessandro De Pinto Ho Young Kwon Nicola Cenacchi Shahnila Dunston
Trade, climate change, and climate-smart agriculture Beliyou Haile Carlo Azzarri Jawoo Koo Alessandro De Pinto
A thriving agricultural sector in a changing climate: Meeting Malabo Declaration goals through climate-smart agriculture Alessandro De Pinto, ed. John M. Ulimwengu, ed.