Outlooks and Global Change
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Globalization, Trade, & Markets
Globalization, institutions and infrastructure, high-value agricultureRead more
Natural Resource Policies
Water resource allocationRead more
Risks and Emergencies
Building resilience to emergenciesRead more
Governance and Policy Processes
Land governance, interregional relationsRead more
Development Strategies
Strategy support programs, pro-poor public investmentRead more
Poverty, Nutrition, & Social Protection
Human capital, social protection, gender and assetsRead more
Diet, Health, & Food Safety
Biofortification, diet quality, aflatoxin controlRead more
Science and Technology
Genetic resources, science and technology indicators, biosafetyRead more
2020 Vision Initiative
Millions Fed, conference on agriculture, health, nutrition linkagesRead more
Food prices, global hunger index, Bangladesh forumRead more
Partnerships, Impact, Capacity
Partnerships, impact assessment, capacity strengthening Read more
Regional Offices
New Delhi office, regional offices in AfricaRead more
Knowledge Products
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Financial Information and Partners
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Key publications from 2010Read more
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