Social Accounting Matrix, 1998

The 1998 Paraguay Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) is based on the 1997-98 integrated household surveys, the matrix for intermediate demand by the Central Bank of Paraguay (CBP), the final demand matrix and total supply matrix constructed also by the CBP, tax information for the principal tax payers reported by the Ministry of Finance (MF) disaggregated in different levels, balance of payments statistics and the national accounts bulletin from the CBP. The SAM distinguishes eight sectors of activities times equal number of commodities. These sectors include (1) primary sector (agriculture, livestock, hunting, mining and fishery), (2) manufactured goods, (3) construction, (4) utilities (electricity and water and sewage), (5) transportation, storage and communications, (6) trade, restaurants and hotels, (7) financial services such us banking, insurance, real state and services provided to the firms, and (8) community, social and personal services.


The Paraguay SAM was prepared by José R. Molinas, César Cabello, and Jorge R. Corvalán of the Instituto Desarrollo, Paraguay as part of the UNDP project Is trade liberalization good for Latin America’s poor?. The data have been made available and documented by the authors and IFPRI under the sponsorship of the World Bank.

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Paraguay: Social Accounting Matrix, 1998. 2005. Washington, D.C.: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (datasets).

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