Food Security and Development in the Arab World

In Transition?

November 7, 2012
12:15 pm to 1:45 pm EDT (Please join us for lunch beginning at 11:45 am); Live webcast coming up at the scheduled time

Chair: Gwendolyn Stansbury, Division Director, Communications; Clemens Breisinger, Economist & Research Fellow, Development Strategy and Governance, IFPRI; Caroline Freund, Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa, The World Bank; Nadim Khouri, Deputy Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia

RSVP to Simone Hill-Lee -, 202-862-8107


International Food Policy Research Institute
2033 K Street, NW, Washington, DC
Fourth Floor Conference Facility

While the Arab Awakening has brought much change and opportunity, the region remains highly vulnerable to shocks that contribute to food insecurity—one of the triggers of the uprisings. Stability hinges on Arab governments’ ability to accelerate economic growth, create jobs, and reduce poverty; their citizens will be closely watching progress on these indicators—as will the entire world.

The seminar will offer the latest development updates in the region, as well as debut a new map-based tool for the region—the Arab Spatial Development and Food Security Atlas. The tool, a joint IFPRI-IFAD-CGIAR initiative, will provide users country-by-country access to data on key indicators, an essential first step to measuring progress in bringing about food security and economic growth and development.