A New Path Forward

Agriculture and Food Security Strategy for South Sudan

October 23, 2012
12:15 pm to 1:45 pm EDT (Please join us for lunch beginning at 11:45 am); Live webcast coming up at the scheduled time

Chair: Shenggen Fan, Director General of IFPRI; Speakers: H.E. Dr. Betty Achan Ogwaro, National Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in the Republic of South Sudan; Shahidur Rashid, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI; David Hegwood, Senior Food Security Advisor, U.S. Agency for International Development

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International Food Policy Research Institute
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IFPRI is honored to welcome the H.E. Dr. Betty Achan Ogwaro, Agriculture and Forestry Minister of the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.

The young country is eager to transform into a strong economy, and Dr. Ogwaro believes that economic development is contingent on a vibrant agricultural sector. The opportunities for agricultural development are plentiful, due to the country’s abundant fertile land, natural resources and high growth potential. At her IFPRI presentation, Dr. Ogwaro will outline a bold vision for sustainable agricultural growth, including concrete steps to address systemic issues and a plan to increase development capacity.

Join us to learn about exciting opportunities for partnerships, and the path forward, in South Sudan.

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"A hungry nation is an angry nation"
Interview with Dr. Ogwaro.
October 2012.