Health, nutrition, and risk management

Yemen national food security strategy

More than one-third of Yemen’s population is food insecure. Food security means that there is enough food for everyone in the country and that the available food provides the right nutrients to ensure a healthy population. In order to guarantee that both aspects of food security are addressed, Yemen must adopt a multifaceted approach. First, the government should control population growth and reduce pressure on the food supply through a firm family-planning program. To ensure the health and nutrition of the population, health services should also be expanded and improved. And finally, the government should create risk-management tools such as grain reserves for food emergency and transfer payments to shield against crises that cause food shortages and price spikes. Smart programs in health, nutrition, and family planning, in addition to better service provision and targeted investments, should all be integral parts of Yemen’s food-security strategy.

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International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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