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The impact of an experimental nutritional intervention in childhood on education among Guatemalan adults

"Studies have shown that malnourished children in developing countries score lower on tests of cognitive function and fail to acquire fine motor skills at the normal rate. Do the effects of nourishment—good or bad—in early childhood linger into…


Nutrition mapping in Tanzania

This paper explores the possibility of applying.. methods... known as small-area estimation to the study of children’s nutritional status as measured by anthropometry. This research in Tanzania is the first attempt to map nutrition in an African…


Conflict, food insecurity, and globalization

""For more than two centuries, proponents and critics of an open global economy have debated whether the free flows of goods, services, and capital make the world more peaceful and food secure or instead exacerbate inequalities and hardships, fanning…


Gender, labor, and prime-age adult mortality

This paper assesses the impact of prime-age mortality on human capital formation and labor markets by examining, first, the impact on adolescents, who may leave school in order to enter the labor market, and second, the impact on adult females who,…


Community, inequality, and local public goods

Yamauchi and Nishiyama are interested in the relationship between local inequality and the quality of human capital investment and growth. In this paper, they examine the impact of unequal income distribution on the ability of a community to finance…


Livelihoods, growth, and links to market towns in 15 Ethiopian villages

This paper uses longitudinal data from 15 villages in rural Ethiopia to explore the nature and consequences of these links. It addresses the following questions: (1) What are the links between rural households and local urban centers? (2) Does better…