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Pest management and food production

In their comprehensive paper, Montague Yudelman, Annu Ratta, and David Nygaard examine the key issues with regard to pest management and food production over the coming decades. They draw attention to the lack of adequate information on the magnitude…


Population growth and policy options in the developing world

The population of the developing world has doubled since 1965 and now stands at 4.8 billion. This growth in human numbers has been a principal cause of a rising demand for food, water, and other life-sustaining resources in the past and will continue…


Nutrition security in urban areas of Latin America

The population of Latin America is now largely urban. By 1990, 72 percent of the people of the region were living in cities. By 2020, the urban population could reach 83 percent. With increasing urbanization, the region faces problems of poverty,…


Challenges to the 2020 vision for Latin America

In recent years, the countries of Latin America have made radical changes in their development strategies, including decentralization of government, privatization, and deregulation of markets. These changes have already affected the livelihoods of…