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Ex-ante Assessment of Bt-Cotton in Uganda

This dataset is a result of household surveys conducted in two major cotton producing districts, Lira and Kasese, in Uganda. The information were mainly collected on household characteristics, cotton production and current practices. The cotton…


A 2007 Social Accounting Matrix for China

This paper documents a 2007 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for China. This SAM was constructed for the China CGE model to assess the impact of the 2008-09 global recession shocks and the Chinese government's stimulus policy on China's economic growth.…


Total and Partial Factor Productivity in Developing Countries

Total factor productivity (TFP) is the ratio of total output (crop and livestock products) to total production inputs (land, labor, capital and materials). An increase in TFP implies that more output is being produced from a constant amount of…


A 2006 Social Accounting Matrix for Rwanda

The 2006 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Rwanda represents the structure of Rwandan economy and the links among various production activities, income distribution, household consumption of goods and services, savings and investments, and foreign…


A 2007-2008 Social Accounting Matrix for Pakistan

This Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) was built for the year 2007–2008 for Pakistan. The proposed approach to estimating SAMs is motivated by an information theoretic approach to estimation (Judge & Mittelhammer, 2012) that takes a Bayesian perspective…


A 2008 Social Accounting Matrix for Mexico

This Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) was built for the year 2008 for Mexico. It explicitly accounts for Oportunidades cash transfers. In this SAM, the government has a separate account for providing Oportunidades cash transfers to recipient households.…